Headquarters 3 Wing

The present role of the AAFC is to provide comprehensive, activity-centred, personal and social development, care and enjoyment for young people in community and ADF settings. The AAFC offers cadets and staff a high quality program of adventure, responsibility and skills development suited to the needs of young people, and a close association with the Air Force, including some realistic experience of Air Force life and activities.
3 Wing is a leader in driving improvements in delivery of the ‘Cadet and Staff Experience’. To remain relevant to our current and future cadets it is important that we strive to recognise our strengths and weaknesses and that we mitigate against the threats to our continuous improvement strategies and capitalise on any opportunities which we identify through the planning process.
3 Wing conducts an extensive program of activities both at Squadron and Wing level.
AFLO Office
Development and Community Engagement