Wing Warrant Officer

The Wing Warrant Officer is the principle advisor to the OC on matters pertaining to drill and ceremonial, dress and bearing, military customs, honours and awards, banners and patches.

The WGWOFF is to provide advice to 3 Wing AAFC personnel on the maintenance of the high standards of discipline and conduct relating to their service in the AAFC.

The WGWOFF ensures the delivery and maintenance of standards throughout the Wing on matters pertaining to drill and ceremonial.

The WGWOFF is a member of the Wing Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

The WGWOFF is the ‘senior airman’ within the Wing. The WGWOFF is the principal reference point for all instructors of cadets in the Wing and is required to Lead by example and act as mentor for junior instructors.

The WGWOFF performs the ‘traditional Warrant Officer Disciplinary portfolio’ for the Wing.


To assist the WGWOFF in the role are 3 Regional Executive Instructors (RXI); North, South and West