Cadet Reference Group

Represent the cadets of 3WG, ensuring that the feedback and opinions on policy matters relating to cadet development and training are effectively communicated to 3WG HQ and National. Comprised of the Chariman Wing Cadet Reference Group and Deputy Chariman Wing Cadet Reference Group.

Chairman Wing Cadet Reference Group Deputy Chairman Wing Cadet Reference Group Cadet Reference Group Mentor

CUO Nathan Barnett



SQNLDR(AAFC) Merridy Thompson



The 3 Wing Cadet Reference Group (3WGCRG) is the voice of the cadets in 3WG.

Through the 3WGCRG, cadets can have their opinions heard on both a State and National level.

The aims of the 3 Wing Cadet Reference Group are to:

  • Represent the perspectives of the cadets of 3WG on issues pertaining to their service in the Australian Air Force Cadets
  • Encourage the development of working relationships between Squadrons within 3 Wing.

The functions of the 3 Wing Cadet Reference Group are therefore to:

  • Exist as a cadet body representing the cadets' perspectives by:
    1. Serving as a means of delivering commentary and recommendations on Wing and National policy, relating to cadet development and training, to the 3 Wing Executive and the National Cadet Reference Group.
  • Exist as a cadet body encouraging the development of working relationships between 3 Wing by:
    1. Supporting initiatives which foster communication between Squadrons
    2. Acting as a network system for cadets to exchange management ideas and training resources
    3. Developing projects for the Wing via the creation of special committees, and by
    4. Mentoring and further developing senior cadets through support groups of both more experienced cadets and staff.

So what exactly does the 3WGCRG do?

The 3WGCRG meets at a minimum of twice a year to discuss issues related to the AAFC.

The 3WGCRG is also responsible for the organisation of the annual 3WGCRG Ball and other activities.

The 3WGCRG can have influence on training programs, cadet funding and provides feedback from GSTs and Promotion Courses to the 3WG Executive.

Where does the feedback go?

Squadron Representatives take feedback from cadets at their Squadron to the 3WGCRG meetings to be presented for discussion.

Every suggestion is taken seriously and discussed at the meetings.

The results of the discussions are collated by the Chairman and presented to the 3WG Executive.

What happens in a 3WGCRG meeting?

Squadron Representatives raise issues suggested by the cadets of their Squadron.

The Representatives are given the opportunity to voice their own and their Squadron's opinions in an entire day's forum.

What are Squadron Representatives?

Squadron Representatives are the basic members of the 3 Wing Cadet Reference Group.

Generally each Squadron has 2 cadet representatives.

These cadets attend 3WGCRG meetings and discuss issues relevant to their cadets.

Representatives are expected to play an active role in the 3WGCRG, and are required to:
• Brief Squadron members on issues raised by the 3WGCRG
• Make themselves open to feedback from cadets of their Squadron on these issues
• Relay feedback from cadets of their Squadrons to the 3WGCRG
• Regularly check 3WGCRG correspondence and provide appropriate feedback, including the 3WG CRG facebook group
• Make all reasonable efforts to attend 3WGCRG meetings, and to
• Contribute towards 3WGCRG initiatives.

How can I become a Representative for my Squadron?

Any cadet can become a Representative for their Squadron. If there is a spot available at your Squadron, you can apply to become the Representative via your Commanding Officer. After appointment you should introduce yourself to the 3WGCRG Chair.