From the Officer Commanding


I am delighted to be able to relaunch the 3 Wing Australian Air Force Cadet (AAFC) web site. It has been a personal quest to get this website designed to provide information for all cadets, staff, parents and potential recruits. It will become a valuable communication tool, both externally for people interested in 3 Wing and its activities and the wider AAFC. More importantly though, my vision is that this website will become a practical resource tool for all of our cadets and staff, becoming a one stop shop of all things related to cadet activities and training. From the library of available training resources, history of achievements, the Wing’s calendar of activities and events, web links to relevant sites of interest and a valuable information tool.The AAFC is the premier youth development organisation and offers a huge range of activities from adventurous training, flying and gliding, sport recreation, training and development. The organisation provides adults with an opportunity to bring their personal experiences and skills to assist in the development of our young men and women, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you can make a difference. So what’s in it for you? Personal and professional development through the many courses our organisation offers, some of which are linked to civilian accreditation. The opportunity to experience the many different leadership roles we offer and learn to be a part of an effective working team that will help you develop yourself. The AAFC is sponsored by the RAAF and like our parent organisation we need to have a willingness to accept discipline in a fair and constructive manner. Assist our mates and colleagues when needed and take a leap of faith in becoming part of a dynamic, passionate, enthusiastic team of people that want to help you succeed.So, what are you waiting for? For those thinking about joining us or just wanting to learn a little more. Then take that next step and get in touch with us through your local AAFC Squadron in your area and see for yourself what is the ‘staff and cadet experience’. I am confident you will never look back!


Paul M. Hughes
Wing Commander (AAFC)
Officer Commanding 3 Wing
Australian Air Force Cadets