From the Officer Commanding


As Officer Commanding 3 Wing, Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC), I am pleased to welcome you to the website for the Wing. 3 Wing is one of nine Wings in the AAFC and comprises over 2200 cadets and 300 volunteer staff, all of whom are spread throughout New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

 Since the AAFC was originally founded as the Air Training Corps in 1941, thousands of young men and women have been part of the organisation and have exemplified its core focus on youth development. Within 3 Wing, we are committed to giving cadets every opportunity to undertake a training program and associated activities which allow them to reach their full potential. For our cadets, it soon becomes second nature to learning about the technicalities of aviation and how to fly an aircraft, how to venture out into the bush and living on what they can carry, and working together as a team to master drill and marching as a group. These experiences, and more, ensure our cadets have opportunities that are unparalleled when viewed against their peers in the community. Facilitating these experiences are our committed, trained staff who volunteer their time and ensure all activities are run safely.

 The new 24/7 hosting platform will be much more stable than we had previously. It will have double the power as well as the ability to support  high resolution photos and videos.  This website is designed to be a central repository for information of relevance to not only members of the Wing, but also families and those interested in joining the AAFC. In an ever-changing world, technology and the access to information is paramount, and we are committed to ensuring this is reflected daily in the Wing.  The website will also hold popular policies and procedures and we will be looking to add a recruiting section which will work in conjunction with the work the PACO does with our 3 Wing Facebook page, which reflects our commitment to constantly evolve but always stay true to our aims.

I welcome your interest in the Wing and its endeavours. Feel free to look around our presence on the internet – be involved, share ideas. Our squadrons are also enthusiastic about welcoming new members and sharing the experiences of the cadets. As we head towards the 80th anniversary of the AAFC, and with the support of all, we will continue to ensure that 3 Wing is “Setting the Standard, Leading the Way”.

Paul H